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Writing blogs, essays, articles for newsletters, magazines, or company publications

Topics include-

Money, Investments, Financial Services, Retirement Planning

Leadership, Personal organization


Computer tech & Applications

From complicated to Simplicity


Consulting Services 

– building a second brain

– Fixing Notion, Roam, and Evernote issues

setting up your Notion Roam or Evernote systems to meet your needs

– system configuration




I’m Bob, a freelance writer, Proofreader, and consultant in  New Mexico

I have a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering which took me quickly into the management of computer centers, many years in the fuel supply contracting and acquisition for Public Utilities, leadership, and project management during my work career and service on multiple non-profit boards.

My Freelance Writing Topics and  Interests Include:

Money, Investments, Financial Services, Retirement Planning

Living alone after 65 is something you are never prepared for

Self Development: Memory and your brain

Your memory is fallible unless you have a permanent way of saving them

Leadership and Personal Organization

I have 30 years of experience as a leader and project manager.

Computer technology and applications

I have taught computer science classes at a university and taught adult education. I can explain the complex into simple how-to’s.

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