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Are you feeling Travel Deprived?

Travel in the US

 Are you feeling travel deprived? Does staying safe at home make you feel constrained. Is this why over 5,000,000 traveled over the Thanksgiving weekend. They did this despite the warnings from the CDC to stay home because it would be safer. Travel deprivation is affecting everyone, no matter how long a trip you want to take. After every holiday this year. We have experienced a significant rise in coronavirus cases, but to my amazement, many don’t seem to understand the severity of the virus. I listened to a person on the news last night asking: “what right does the government have to make me wear a mask?” He clearly doesn’t believe we are fighting a war against COVID-19, that it a public safety issue, and that everyone should do their part. 

Covid-19, Wear a Mask

 Unfortunately, we are getting mixed messages from everyone on this issue. The news commentators that are reporting out of the studio don’t all wear masks, so why should we? The Leaders of our government don’t wear masks, so why should we? My brother spent a week in the ICU at his hospital because he got infected by someone who had COVID-19.  He only had a mild case. Happily, his story has a happy ending, and we expect him to go home tomorrow. But 1 person is dying in the United States every minute, and he asks about his right to wear a mask so he can infect others. Public safety comes first, before my right to be stupid.

We think we are free

 We are free to travel, express our views, and allowed to do stupid things with one caveat. You can’t harm others, incite riots, or put others in danger. This caveat is what many are ignoring, whether it is because they don’t see the cause and effect of their impact on others, they don’t believe the odds are going to catch up with them, or they just figure if they get it they will survive. Whatever their beliefs, it is hard to understand the justification. Of course, for many, I expect it was just that they were tired of being cooped up and unable to see their family members.

 I sympathize with the desire to want to travel to because I want to travel too. I want to go see my children, my nieces and nephews, and friends. But we have to be patient and allow time for most of us to get vaccinated before we travel again. I know that is frustrating, especially as Christmas approaches, but we must do it, or we sign the death sentences for more of our families and neighbors.

Travel Outside the US

 In order to travel outside the US, you first need to find out the restrictions that are being imposed by the country where you are going. For example, if I was traveling to New Zealand, I would have to get a voucher confirming my allocation to a space in a hotel for the 14-day managed isolation or quarantine. Other countries have their own restrictions that vary from prohibition to a partial reopening with rules similar to New Zealand. To see the latest travel information, follow the link.

 As of December 3, 2020, 50 countries have completely restricted entry to non-citizens, and an additional 92 countries have at least partial entry restrictions. This information is updated regularly and should be the first thing you check before deciding to travel outside the US. It remains to be seen what the restrictions will be for someone who has received their vaccinations.

Instead of Travel what can we do?

Call each other often: A call with family members every few days will do wonders for all of you.

Use Zoom, FaceTime, or another visual chat medium: There are many ways to see each other and chat if you have access to a computer and the internet. It doesn’t have to be a long visit, but it is good to do it often. The benefit is that you are in touch and you are staying connected until it is safe to travel.

For yourself, when you feel frustrated: stop and change your thoughts through meditation, taking a walk, or just move into another room. Frustration will drain you unless if you don’t control it.

Be mindful: You need to practice being in the moment. Don’t worry about the past or future be present in the moment and do what you need to do. Don’t let your mind wander into I can’t safely travel space. Pull it back to the here and now.

Plan your trip: I have to travel to New Zealand to see one of my children when we can travel again. I can make plans for the time I will spend there. Decide what I need to take with me. What I want to do while I am there. Build an Idea Board of things to do. 

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”-Pat Conroy.

 So plan your travel when it is once again safe to do so, until then stay safely at home!