Ales Maze | | Embrace Intentional Growth


“An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.” John C. Maxwell.

A life of intentional growth.

Intentional growth is a phrase that is full of meaning. It implies you don’t just go along. You choose and do it because you want. We have all heard the stories of the person who goes to law school or medical because his parents think they should even though they want to a musician or artist. He/she is miserable until they intentionally decide to either do both or choose to be a musician. 

The key element here is that you must intentionally choose in order to have a life of harmony. A life of harmony is like a symphony orchestra on the same page and note when they should be. When they are not together, you can hear the discordance. The uncertainty. 


An intention is a determination to act in a particular way. This action may be to continue along the path you are on or maybe a change in the path. Intention implies a decision. You decide and then move on purpose in a new direction. For example, I am going to law school, but I am going to be a jazz musician as well and join a group on the weekends. 


Growth is the process of developing or of increasing in size. We most often think of growth in terms of size, but it can easily apply to the control of your life. You want to grow in the amount of control that you have. There are many poignant examples of people who have overcome childhood traumas to become outstanding individuals. Gang members who have left the gangs and taken control of their lives, gone to college, and become social workers intent on helping others.

Perhaps your situation isn’t as extreme, but the story applies. To grow into a harmonious life, you must grow the control of your life. The control and change the direction of your path. Intentionally choose the path you want to follow and then begin the journey.

5 Steps to Intentional Growth.

Living a life of intentional growth is about you taking control of your life. This may require ending some things and choosing to do others on purpose. You may have to change your habits. In a friend’s blog, she tells a story about her husband going on a weekend with the guys. A weekend of excessive drinking and supposedly male bonding. After coming back, he realized he has grown out of that type of experience. He may have to end some relationships and develop others if he is serious. Change is one of the hardest things to do as you begin your new journey. Here are 5 steps to get you started.

1. Decide to take control of your life.

It is your life, so live it on purpose. Learn to do what you want and as you make the change, realize that others are on their journey and we should not judge them harshly just because the journey isn’t ours.

2. Identify the mission or purpose. 

Knowing the mission or purpose of your life is an important part of growing intentionally. So, spend some time looking deep inside yourself to find your purpose. 

3. Identify the next steps you need to take to move toward your mission.

Once you know your purpose. Identify the next steps that you need to follow to get you from where you are to where you want to be. The first step could be simple. Research what your purpose will require you to do or be. It may mean that you have to apply to the law enforcement academy in your state if you want to be a police officer. But take it one step at a time.

4. Think about what you have to let go of.

What needs to end for you to achieve your purpose. Perhaps it is having a party every night and staying awake until 2 am. Or it could mean you can’t go to the gym for three hours a day. Some relationships may have to end, and new ones begin.

5. Start the journey, take the first step. 

Take the first. Make your life one of harmony with your purpose pose. You will become more fulfilled and energized as you move along your journey of intentional growth.

“If you’re going to grow, you have to be intentional.” Curt Kampmeier.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.