The frame makes the Picture


Resiliency is the ability to overcome challenges of all kindstrauma, tragedy, personal crises, plain ole life problemsand bounce back stronger, wiser, and more personally powerfully.

One of the most important traits of the American people is their resilience. We can adapt and overcome. We have shown this time and time again- Pearl Harbor, hurricanes, tornados, floods, and the dust bowl. We will overcome the Covid-19 Pandemic as well. Life may be different on the other side, but we will adapt. Some ways we may adapt. after Covid-19 are.

1. More people will probably work remotely more now that we have experienced it. Working remotely will reduce congestion in our larger cities, reduce travel to and from a central location and have a positive impact on the environment.

2. Our families will stay important to us and have a higher priority over our work lives, although some relationships that were weak may be even weaker after the pandemic.

3. Personal values and habits will be stronger. If you were self-confident before the Pandemic you will be stronger after because of the time you have had to examine your life and build new positive habits.

4. We will change our way of greeting when we meet- shaking hands may become a thing of the past.

All this is pure speculation, and this list is short and will grow as we go back to a more open environment. We will see the changes as we go back to a new social order, but the actual question is how are you coping now.? An idea that will help you cope is a technique called reframing.

Our frame is the lens through which we view things. For example, if a Republican and a Democrat both listen to President Trump they will come away with distinct impressions because of their lens or frame which includes their beliefs, values, and unspoken assumptions. Neither is wrong, but because they have different frames or lens through which they interpret what they heard, they come to different conclusions. Reframing or changing your lens is about changing your point of view when you are frustrated, stymied or just worried into immobility.

COVID-19 is an excellent example of how reframing or changing your lens can help. You can focus on the negatives: can’t go to work, no paycheck, stuck in my house with nothing to do for days, weeks or months on end or you can reframe or change your lens  by asking yourself questions such as.

     What can I do to make the best out of this situation?

     How can I change my view to see the positives in this situation?

     How can I best use my time and talents to help others, learn a new skill, or strengthen my relationships with my family?

Just changing your point of view, looking through a different lens will change your brain’s response to this situation.