josh Calabrese | | Perspective your lens on the world

How do you see the world around you?

How we see the world around us depends on our perspective. We develop our perspective through living. For example, during my early years, I lived in three different parts of the country Michigan, Florida, and Arkansas. My experiences in these parts of the country helped form my perspective. I saw the inherent biases of the people in each of these sections of the country and. was able to consider them as I developed my perspective.

Additionally, I was exposed to several religions at the same time. I went to churches of many different faiths; Nazarene, Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, Methodists, and Quakers. Each gave me a different view of how religion affects our perspectives.

Where does your perspective come from?

Perspective is defined as a particular attitude or point of view. Where does our point of view come from? It comes mainly from the places we have lived and the experiences we have had. Other factors influencing our perspective are education, attitudes, motivation, behavior, and interests. My attitudes about people have been developed from my experiences living in many places and exposure to many different religious beliefs. I am guided by the belief that all people are creations and have the divine in them.

This is quite different from the belief that if you are not of my tribe or community, however I define it, you are a lower inhuman being. Unfortunately, this fundamental difference in perspectives leads many to treat others with disrespect and anger. We must learn to understand people and separate how they act from the fact that we are all human beings.

Your perspective has come from where you have lived, your education and work experience, and the life lessons you have endured. Now it is time to focus on what you want your goals and mission to be in the future.

Three ways to change your perspective.

To better understand our perspective and ourselves, we must reflect on our actions and emotions to control them and learn from them. Next, we need to question and listen to other points of view to see whether or not we should change ours. And lastly, we must learn to think critically about what others propose we believe so we can find our truth.