Six steps to empower the new me. | Jill wellington. |

Change happens when you accept who you are. Change is an effort when you want to be different from who you are.

Do you like yourself? Do you want to change yourself? This article is the first in a series of short articles about self-improvement. Because you can change, you can conquer your fears and make a more significant personal impact on the world.

Who am I?

You’re a complex and unique person. The only you in existence! You’re made up, in your mind, of your beliefs, your vision and mission, your purpose in life, and your actions or inaction judge you. How we respond to people, situations, and the world around us is also a part of you.

Many factors have gone into the “you” you are today. They include your genetics, environment, where you grew up, who you hang out with, what you absorbed from parents, peers, church, and neighbors. In addition, we add information from everyone and everywhere in becoming who we’re today. What we read, listen to, and see all contribute to who we’re today. All have helped shape us.

However, no matter who you’re today, you can change into someone else. How can you do it? You can do it because you can change your mind and responses to the world around you. More about this at the end.

What are my beliefs and values?

Beliefs are our assumptions while our values motivate us. We get our beliefs from our experiences and observations on life. An example would be I believe the earth is flat. Another I think conservatives and liberals can’t agree on anything. The values that motivate us are those things that are important to us like fairness, equality, truth; all people are equal, etc.

Differences in beliefs and values can explain many of our difficulties in life today. But you can change what you believe and the values you hold. It’s within your power!

Vision and Mission

A vision statement is a statement of where or who you want to be in the future. The Vision Statement defines where you’re going. To start, you can specify where you see yourself now and make a vision statement for the future you want.

The mission statement defines your objectives and how you will get there today. So, if your vision is to become an engineer, you can recognize what you need to focus on doing each day to realize your dream.

Or, to put it in context, if you want to change, your vision would be what you want to become, and your mission would be the steps that get you there.


The purpose is the reason you exist or do something. Having a clear purpose will help you in your journey from who you’re today to whom you want to be in the future. For example, Is it your purpose to go along with whatever is happening—to be a part of the crowd? Or is your objective to help bring out the best in everyone around you.

As you can tell, your vision, mission, and purpose are all related. Each has a significant impact on who you want to be, what you want to do, and how you live. In addition, they have to be supportive of each other. For example, I can’t have a purpose to help others and live my life by putting others down by calling them stupid or inferior.


Actions are the motor of your life. They’re what you do daily. Your actions are either helping you achieve your vision or getting in your way. If you always put people down and yet you value and believe that all people are important. That action doesn’t support your values and beliefs.

So what do I do? Well, here are six steps to becoming the new you.

  1. Reflect on whom you’re currently.
    Set a fixed time or times daily to sit quietly and reflect on your feelings, your responses to others, and what you may want to do differently.
  2. Define who you want to be.
    Set your sights on who you want to be in the future. It can be a short time from now or a long time in the future. Write it down so you see it then defines your vision, mission, and purpose so they support helping you get to where or to become who you want.
  3. Define your new vision.
    Write a clear vision statement for what you want. This is the vision of the new you.
  4. Identify the beliefs and values within you that have to change.
    During your reflection time defines the beliefs and values, you currently have that you need to change to become the new you. Identify the new beliefs and values that you need to support your vision. If you think you can’t speak in public and you want to be a politician then you have to work to change that belief. If you want to be a politician and you value being truthful then you may have a problem.
  5. Write a mission and purpose statement for the new you.
    Your new mission and purpose statements must support your new vision, beliefs, and values. Clear vision, mission and purpose will help you identify and beliefs and values that you may need to change.
  6. Make you actions consistent with your new vision, mission, and purpose statements.
    Everything hinges on actions. Nothing will change unless you take the right actions.Your journey to become the new you start with the first action you take then the second, etc. Without taking actions you stay the same.

Will it be easy?

No. Change is never easy. Your Change will require constant reflection about your daily actions—regular review of how you feel and continuous course correction. In addition, you will have to build new habits and dump old ones.

If your vision includes a new healthier, smaller you, you will have to change your food, exercise, and sleep habits. If your mission is to become a public speaker, then you will have to change how you feel when you get up in front of others, work through your fears, and accept opportunities to speak every chance you get. Don’t avoid them; accept them.