Jeremy Hynes | | a Polished whole you

Each of us is a unique individual that glitters like a multifaceted diamond. But to become clear about how we fit into the world around us requires that we work every day to become a polished whole you. Becoming polished helps you positively fit into the world. It helps you understand and come to peace with who you are. Most importantly, being polished means you ad your unique light to the world around you.

We are unique because our minds accumulate different experiences growing up. Some experiences were good, and some were not so good. Becoming a polished whole takes you from this starting place to a place where you can control your emotions and respond the way you want to in the world. Everyone’s response will be different, not necessarily those you like or agree with. But even those you don’t agree with have little nuggets of truth that you should try to understand.

Here are the six critical talents you need to develop to become the polished whole you.

  1. Activity

We need to develop activity habits to remain healthy and get things done. An activity habit means you work to remain as healthy as your physical body allows. You pay attention to what you eat and get exercise every week. If it tastes good, it may not be healthy because of fatty sauces or high sugar content, but only you can control what you eat and the size of the portions.

Exercise is something we, as Americans, tend to ignore. We have become very sedentary, but we need to move our bodies. I just moved to a standup desk so I could work and force my body to get some static exercise. another good exercise is walking. I get some when I golf, but nothing compared to when I was younger and refereed basketball, but I don’t need as much now.

The other activity involves getting things done, such as goals or projects. None of these will get done just because we thought we should do them. They only get done if we are actively working on them. Putting them on a list isn’t actively working on them. You need to allocate some time towards each.

2. Meditation

Meditation is a practice that has at least two significant benefits. First, it allows you to slow down and reduce your stress. And secondly, it helps you understand your mind-body connections. It can be as simple as sitting quietly and doing a breathing meditation or a longer journal-style written meditation.

3. Self-reflection

I don’t know about you, but I have good and bad days. The best way to make sure you have more good days than bad is to take time and reflect on what went well and what went frond. Consider how I could have made things better for those things that went wrong. Otherwise, the bad things will simply gnaw at and pollute your mind.

4. Gaining control of your emotions

We are emotion factories. We feel anger, hurt, and mad throughout the day. When we respond from our emotions, we often simply escalate a bad situation to one that is worse. But the two activities above, meditation and self-reflection, can help us learn to control our emotions. the final trick is to think before responding. Don’t respond emotionally, respond purposely.

5. Being fully present

We live in a world of constant chaos. We wrap ourselves in a cloak of invisibility and miss most of what is happening around us. We must learn to remove our cloaks and pay attention. When you go for a walk, look around and see what you are walking by. If you are speaking with someone, pay attention to them and listen. Don’t spend the time they are talking coming up with a response.

6. Understanding your world citizenship

Are we all part of the same humanity, a world citizen, or are you simply part of a tribe that looks and thinks like you? In our history, we were members of tribes; if you weren’t in our tribe, you were an enemy, but that should no longer be the case. Everything we all do now affects the entire world, not just us. So, become a citizen of the world.

Polishing you into a more wholesome person takes time. Only you can take the necessary actions to become the whole you want to be. Work on these six items daily and watch your light shine brighter every day.