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10 Tips for keeping your children occupied during the coronavirus

1. Set up a schedule for the day

         Children like routine. Depending on their age they could help set it. Some categories are play, free, reading, writing, tv, rest, etc.

2. Use YouTube or SkillShare to teach them a new skill

         Some ideas are; how to draw, how to do origami ( see Origami-instructions.com), photography for older children, etc.

3. Have them start a journal about their experiences and feelings about staying at home vs going to school.

         Some ideas here are; how do you feel about not seeing your friends?

         What do you think is going on?

         What did you especially like about today?

4. Pull out those old board games you have stashed away and had a regular game time once or twice a week

5. Cooking

         You can have them help you cook and teach them about measurements and recipes.

         You can talk about why you feed them what you do

         Teach them where their food comes from.

6. Knitting or cross-stitch

         If you knit or cross-stitch, then teach them how- especially the boys. It is good for their manual dexterity.

         If you are a sewer that opens up a whole new set of opportunities- patterns and how to adjust them to fit, measurements, cloth sizes.

7. Map Reading and Compasses.

         Get out a world map and have them find countries and cities.

         If you have a compass get it out and show them how to use it. Move around the house and show them how the North is always north.

8. If you have a shop or garage

         Show them how to use tools. Have them build a birdhouse, change a tire on the car.

9. Teach them how to read and write cursive

         Our schools are no longer doing this in many parts of the country.

         Have them write letters and call grandparents or anyone they know that is home alone. They need contact.

10. Last but not least read a book together.

         Take turns reading a chapter each day.